Class ID: 1001Title: Winter Garden CLASS CANCELLED

Details: A fast-paced eye candy PowerPoint presentation of plants with features that you can enjoy during the five months from November to March in Zone 5. These include primarily conifers, but also deciduous trees, broad-leaved evergreens, heuchera, hellebores, evergreen fern, and early spring bulbs. You have to respect any plant that not only performs in the summer but is also tough enough to be interesting in the winter months, as well as to serve as a backbone to your summer garden. Examples of hardscaping and statuary emerge as substantial features in the winter landscape. A one page two-sided handout listing all plants shown is provided using genus, species, and variety.

Instructor: Tess Park                        Maximum Enrollment: 52

Bio: Tess is a 1977 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, and has practiced Small Animal Medicine and Surgery since then, recently retired July 2015. In 1978, with husband, Jay, they have reclaimed an overgrown 3.6 acres including 1 acre woods and began planting trees and conifers. They live in Zone 5 north of Indianapolis and restored their 1905 cottage-style farmhouse. Interest in woody plants has evolved in not just planting higher quality trees but collecting conifers and landscape gardening. Members of American Conifer Society and American Hosta Society since 1997. They are the Indiana Representatives to the ACS as volunteers, and have organized ACS garden tours in Indianapolis area 2006, 2009, 2015 as well as had their garden open for other club’s events.